The street is all together the most common of all grounds and a space of transformative energy. An athanor of some sort. In the street, people of all walks of life see each others. In the street, people gather for celebrations, or to manifest their voice publicly. It is a place where anything comes, rises, and goes. A place of potentialities. A space of concentrated human stuff.

Painting such grounds becomes a way to address directly what makes humanness, this mix of pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty, fame and obscurity. From this perspective, the street embodies a vivid sense of sacredness.

The sheer size of a street to be painted, ten thousand sq. ft. or more, requires the involvement of large groups of participants to make it logistically feasible and fast. Bringing people in this process enables each one of them to touch this sacredness on a personal level through their own performance. It is a way of transmutation from ordinary to significant, from anonymous to unique.

Street Painting 1 "E Pluribus Unum"10,000 sq. ft., New Orleans, USA 1988

Street Painting 2 , 12,000 sq.ft.Rivesaltes, France, 1991